Movie Update

2008-11-28 17:22:29 by Majin-Ryan

Hello Newgrounds.

It's been a whole year since I posted on this page and it's been a long time since I worked on my movie. I thought it would be appropriate to post here since I have posted this on DeviantART. I'm starting to get back on track with my movie and I will be able to get some voice overs for it aswell. So far the movie lasts for 5 and a half minutes and I hope to make it 20.

If all goes to plan then I hope to make it a trilogy because I have a basic idea for my next movie. I don't have an ETA for it but I hope to make it by the end of the year. If I don't then it will be early next year.

I'll keep updating this post from time to time and hopefully you all will see this movie by the end of the year.


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2008-11-28 18:00:35

A year? Your joking... no wait, your not

Majin-Ryan responds:

Haha I know I was suprised when I saw the date of my last entry.


2008-12-02 14:11:31

Hey, I'm so glad to see you posting on newgrounds. I was so impressed by your DBZ movies. I can't wait to see how you've improved. I'm a voice actor on newgrounds. If you're interested, please check out my demo on my userpage. Also, in case you're ever interested in working on another DBZ movie, check out my quick DBZ character reel I did for fun. r-Reel-for-fun

Thanks, I hope we can work together someday.

Majin-Ryan responds:

Hey man, i'm glad you like my movies. I am currently working on a sequel to a previous movie I did and at the moment I think this movie is 10x better than the last (Animation and story wise). I would definately need some voice work done for it.

I have also said this on my deviantART page that I'll be handing out scripts when the movie is nearly completed because I usually change things mid-way or at the end but in this case it's because of a character I don't want to reveal yet, so when I get near to the end of the movie I'll be giving out the scripts so I can get the rest of the movie done by the time the voice work has been completed.

If you want to do some voice work for it that would be great. I'll try to keep my page update on the progress of the movie so you know what is going on.


2008-12-25 08:22:02

I can hardly wait for this movie man! Seriously, I watched your videos over and over again. They're pretty inspiring for an aspiring animator such as myself. Good luck on your work

PS: I'm still baffled by that Super Saiyan Aura! It's amazing! How did you do it?


2009-01-15 13:38:10

what? your still alive??!?!? THANK GOD!! :D your last post was wayy back in June of last year i thought for sure you were gone that's such a relief hey are you still going to finish some of the loose ends for the majin vegito series? because last time i checked gotenks and gohan were about to go head on against one another against vegito but it was never finished sadly... also i remember the other series you had the ussj3 broly saga that was never finished as well i did like the super tuffle series but i was really hoping to see the end of the other ones as well what a shame that they were never completed oh well anyways that screen shot of a super saiyan 3 vegeta looks incredibly badass kudos to you on such a great job i know it wont be out for a long time but at least its going to be epic welcome back majin ryan the god of animating dbz is back once again!!


2009-02-16 10:06:00

Nice. It's been a year since I last checked on you because I thought you were dead or something. I hope you've improved.


2009-02-19 03:20:51

Its been 2 u alive and where is teh movie...and a year....AAAAAAAAA!!!!


2009-02-19 03:22:59

WAIT....NOW IS THE EARLY NEXT YEAR...ITS FREBRUARY 19....cmon....where is it?!


2009-02-24 11:50:45

dude mad props to you, you are far the best animater i have seen in all my time on newgrounds your DBZ flash's really kick ass


2009-03-22 00:51:23

Move looks promising u should do a little preview.


2009-03-31 22:23:30



2009-05-21 20:14:07

So this means you got a new flash? because I notice how you were using mx and flash 8 is alot better judgeing by the picture I might call that a yes :D


2009-07-11 08:16:00

So then are u still working on this? Its been yet another few months and no new news -____-


2009-07-14 14:37:37

its been almost 3 yrs since ur last animation and you said it would be sometime at the end of last yr or this yr? thats far too long oh well i can w8 hope it comes out good best of luck! :D


2010-03-27 08:46:03

Where's the movie?