Entry #1

A New Movie

2007-07-17 19:16:35 by Majin-Ryan


Time to make my first news post and tell you all about a movie i'm working on. It's a sequel to The Super Tuffle and at the moment it's looking a whole lot better than the first. Vegeta has gained a new level but you'll have to watch it when it's complete, I aint spoiling it for anyone.

Well thats about it, i'll keep updating this to tell you all how the movie is going and how long it will take before it is completed. If you wanna check the preview of my movie then check out my deviantART page.

Later people...


A New Movie


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2007-07-22 02:03:28

Awesome man. I love your work. Can't wait. :)


2007-08-22 02:23:08

DB [ins]RULES[/ins]!!!!!!!!!


2007-09-12 16:00:19

your work rocks! DBZ rules!


2008-01-11 17:19:13

Hey man, you probably don't know me.. But around more than a year ago, i left a review to you and you responded to it, back then your DBZ movies were nice but graphics weren't that good. But you told me in the answer to it you were going to get better graphics.. Well I'd recently took a look at your work again, and I really like what I'm seeing. You graphics have made a 500% progression if not more! And I'd love to see more work of you!


2008-03-20 14:45:35

cant fuckin wait dude u almost done yet?


2008-06-15 01:20:19

U should make a DBZ RPG


2008-07-28 19:36:07

1 year later: I still love your work. :)


2008-08-12 18:00:23

yo add me


2008-08-27 21:23:38

Its been over a yaer please hurry up.


2008-11-06 12:55:18

dammit man its been years and you still haven't finished one series yet! i mean you keep starting all these new series yet u never finish those that you already made! also why haven't you released any new screenshots?? i don't mean to bitch or anything but come on man your a fantastic drawer and i love the way you started that one series majin vegito hes my favorite character! it would be such a shame to see such a well talented individual not to continue his fabulous work please man at least release a post saying your alive or something!!

Majin-Ryan responds:

Hey, I know you all have been waiting a long time for it and I appreciate that but at the moment I have been extremely busy with work and this has been the first time in like months since I have been on my account and thats how busy I have been. Don't worry though I have not left the movie that is for sure and I will try to keep everyone posted on it's progress.


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